Enchanting You

Enchanting You

Thirsty Hearts Book 5

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A psychic. A ghost. A hero with a sly secret…

Lilith Carver will do anything to help her estranged foster sister, Kali, and prove her loyalty—despite a past that has kept them apart. With Kali’s lover dead and her sister facing eviction, Lilith will even tap into her repressed mystical gifts to find out what the man’s son is hiding. She’s on a mission, and she won’t let Jamie’s magnetism—or dark inklings about her sister—keep her from winning.

Jamie Wylde has a chance to right the wrongs of his father and send the man’s mistress packing. With one clandestine maneuver, he can exclude the homewrecker from the Wylde fortune and reinstate his mother in their family home. He knows how to handle Kali, but her provocative sister is another story. Somehow, Lilith senses the truth, and she’s on a crusade to stop him.

Lilith and Jamie sharpen each other’s swords as soon as they meet, sparking more than anger. With battle lines drawn, their growing connection becomes as impossible to ignore as it is to sever. They soon discover that winning might mean losing their one shot at happiness.

Equally matched in every way, can they triumph in love?

Enchanting You is a delicious enemies-to-lovers tale with secrets, lies, and a touch of magic. It was previously published as Kisses & Kismet. It was a finalist for the Contemporary Romance Writers 2020 Stiletto Contest.

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