Circle the Stars

Circle the Stars

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They were once in love, but this time, it’s war...

CEO heiress Reese Star-Hunter is a fighter. She’s spent her life earning the respect of everyone who thinks a woman can't take charge of the family’s multibillion-dollar fortune. With the scandalous fallout from her granddad's death, she finds herself not only in charge but cleaning up the mess left by the parents she trusted. That includes making amends to her childhood sweetheart and first love.

Ty Bonham never forgot how Reese broke his heart. On top of that betrayal, it’s her family's fault his father went to prison. It’s their fault his family was disgraced and lost everything. She says she’s sorry. She says she wants to make things right, but you can’t trust a Star—any Star. No matter how enticing she looks begging for forgiveness. Nothing can change the past.

Ty’s righteous crusade to punish the Stars tests Reese’s loyalties and threatens his happiness. Can Ty let go of his pain and embrace the future? Will Reese do what she’s always done and pick her family over herself? Or can they trust each other enough to follow their hearts?

Circle the Stars is a second-chance, enemies-to-lovers romance with a spicy reunion that’s a long time coming. Happily ever after guaranteed. Warning: steamy scenes, language, and discussion of abortion and alcoholism.

When you buy direct, you get a bonus scene from the history of the Star and Cross families with J.P. Star and Etta Cross.

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