Choosing You

Choosing You

Thirsty Hearts Book 2

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Confronted with the past, their love and loyalty are tested.

Taryn Lieber has a date set to marry a man beyond her dreams. Jeff McConnell and his feisty daughter, Olivia, transformed her life. She never thought she’d want a ready-made family. Now, she can’t wait.

The only good to come out of Jeff McConnell’s first marriage was his curly-haired daughter and the unfulfilled desire for a woman to stand with him as he conquered the world. When he met Taryn, he knew instantly she was the one.

Taryn and Jeff have plans for marriage, adoption, and a life together, but those plans fall apart when Jeff’s ex-wife shows up wanting to be part of Olivia’s life. What does the woman want? Taryn’s instincts tell her Shannon Nelson is an unreliable, scheming opportunist. Jeff’s compassion compels him to find a way for Olivia to reconnect with her biological mother.

Conflict, mistrust, and danger follow as Taryn and Jeff try to hang on to the love that brought them together and make it down the aisle.

Choosing You is a love on the rocks, single parent romance featuring a 30-something couple, a scheming ex, and a guaranteed happily ever after with heat and heart. It's part of a series, but "fantastic on its own."

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