Family Tree

The Lone Star Crossed Saga all started with a single idea springing from real-life events….

Take an old oil baron and give him two families—one black and one white.

But how to get there?

It starts with Etta Williams meeting J.P. Star in the 1950s. Somehow, she gets pregnant. (Okay, yes, I know how babies are made.) But she doesn’t tell J.P., and he marries Abigail Reese and has two children. Twins. Theresa and Marie. They each marry and have children. Along the way, J.P. finds out he had a son, and he never forgets.

Meanwhile, Etta Williams becomes Etta Cross and raises her son, Carter, who marries and has three kids, Carter Jr., Jasmine, and Nate. He dies before Nate is born, and Angela and Etta raise the three children.

Then, J.P. dies, and in his will, he finally recognizes the child and grandchildren he never knew in life. Cue MASSIVE family drama that unfolds throughout this series. Each book tells the story of one of his grandchildren finding love, and along the way, the real story of Etta and J.P. will be revealed.