Exclusive Preview

Rebel Secret Cover Preview

Cover Preview of Book 1
  • The series is set in the small East Texas piney woods town of Bliss, and book one is probably going to be titled, Rebel.

  • It features a group of billionaire friends who return home and buy up lakeside land in Bliss, building a row of beautiful new lake houses.

  • It's a seasoned romance series with couples over the age of 40.

  • The first heroine is a lifelong "good girl" who just went through a publicly embarrassing, scandal-driven divorce from her megachurch pastor husband down in Houston. Her kids are in college, and she's faced with starting over.

  • The first hero had a crush on the heroine all through high school, and he was the bad boy rebel she could only dream about.

  • They've both just returned to Bliss. He's got something to prove to all the people who told him he'd never amount to anything. She's just hiding out to lick her wounds for the summer before going back to the big city.

  • But the bad boy and the good girl are going hookup (obviously). They grow closer and closer, but then the heroine’s ex-husband comes back, apologetic and wanting to save his family. What’s a good girl to do?