A thirsty heart longs for love—even if its owner doesn’t know it. These heroines and heroes have lost love, troubled love, and new love at their fingertips.

The Thirsty Hearts Series journey starts with Micky and Nick in Charming You. Micky Llewellyn trusted men before—with disastrous results. Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan—a career at a top law firm and an engagement to the perfect socialite (he hopes). Fate throws Micky and Nick together, and in their struggle to balance love and ambition, they have to decide what they want before they lose the one thing that matters.

Next, in Choosing You, Micky’s best friend Taryn Lieber continues planning her dream wedding along with her fiancé, Jeff McConnell, and his adorable daughter, Olivia. Their love couldn’t be more perfect until the arrival of Jeff’s first wife, Shannon, throws Jeff and Taryn’s relationship into chaos. Conflict, mistrust, and danger follow as they try to hang on and make it down the aisle.

Cherishing You follows Shannon as she works to pull her life together and prove to her ex-husband and the world that her past of drug addiction and crime are history. Jonah Moran hasn’t struggled for much. He has a cushy job at his father’s billion-dollar company, a string of socialite girlfriends, and anything money can buy. Drawn together in a novel passion, Shannon and Jonah find solace in each other’s worlds, but can they push through the barriers and find lasting love?

In Chasing You, Taryn’s jet-set cousin Alexa Stevens doesn’t do commitment. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world—especially of the masculine variety—why get tied down? Keeping it light suits Graham Ryan just fine—especially since his business interests intersect with his personal ones. But when Alexa’s old flame Adam Gadsby arrives in town to win her heart, her take on long-term love starts to shift. But how can she know who’s the one? Get a preview of Alexa and Adam’s story in the Thirsty Hearts prequel novella, Her London Fling.

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