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Working full-time and trying to finish my novel might drive me crazy, but it is reinforcing that the writing would be so much easier if it WERE my full-time job.

I did have a productive evening:

– I reviewed enough videos on InDesign to figure out how to layout a short story and create an epub (more details on availability of said short story to follow).

– I was able to properly convert it to mobi for Kindle. So much trial and error to get it to display well on my iPad and on my Kindle.

– Promptly stopped staring at the computer screen before going blind.

– Watched some Bravo … Who doesn’t love The People’s Couch? The show is freakin’ genius. Apparently, Al Bundy is married to Sophia Loren on Modern Family. Who knew?

– Line of the night: “Wendy is turning over in her wig.” – In reference to a So You Think You Can Dance contestant’s Wendy Williams impression

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  • Nettie Collins
    Jan 16, 2015

    Good for you!!!! “May happiness hound you like a tax collector” Write on Ms.Krisjayne!!

    Nettie Collins Jan 16, 2015

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